There are areas in a workplace that contain highly flammable materials with little or no human traffic. Here, the chances of fire going undetected are high. Astronix’s Ceiling mounted extinguisher detects the rising temperature of the area and activates automatically, even when there’s no one around, ensuring that the fire is brought under control early and efficiently.

This super-smart fire suppression system is available in Fluoroketone, which happens to be a cold gas, therefore, extinguishes fire by absorbing heat from it. After being sprayed it leaves behind no residue and works on class A, B, C, and Electrically started fires.



Astronix’s Ceiling Mounted extinguisher, with their automatic detection and activation feature, prevents such an occurrence. Because they are ceiling-mounted, they are also useful in areas that are beyond the range of normal fire extinguishers, such as high chemical stacks. In the event of a fire, they extinguishers activate automatically, spraying the extinguishant with maximum force, ensuring that the fire is brought under control rapidly and efficiently.

The ABC powder variant of these extinguishers uses a 90% concentration of Mono Ammonium Phosphate. These extinguishers maximize your firefighting power against virtually all classes of fire.



Product Code UOM CF-000017 CF-000018
Description - Ceiling Mounted (MAP 90) 5Kg MS SP Red  Ceiling Mounted (MAP 90) 10Kg MS SP Red
Capacity of Agent L 5-5%  10-5%
Diameter of Shell MM 240  300
Total Height (approx.) MM 270  320
MOC of Shell - Steel CR2(DC01)  Steel CR2(DC01)
Min. Wall Thickness MM 1.6  2
Test Pressure BAR 35  35
Max. Coverage Area m2 Upto 12  Upto 28
Anti-Corrosive Treatment - Outer surfaces are EP Powder coated having Thickness 50 Micron Min. RAL Shade 3000  Outer surfaces are EP Powder coated having Thickness 50 Micron Min. RAL Shade 3000
Service Pressure BAR 15  15
Type of Operating Mechanism - Automatic  Automatic
Type of Pressure Gauge - Magnetic Bourdon Tube Type  Magnetic Bourdon Tube Type
Type of Dis. Fitting & Length MM Quartzoid Bulb  Quartzoid Bulb
Throw Meter NA  NA
Min. Discharge Time SEC. 4 to 8  6 to 10
Fire Rating - NA  NA
Operating Temperature Range C From -30 C to + 60 C  From -30 C to + 60 C
Applicable to Type of Fire - Class A, B, C & Electrical Started Fire  Class A, B, C & Electrical Started Fire
Filled Weight Range** KG 7.70 to 7.90  14.70 to 15.10
Packed Weight Range (approx)*** KG 8.8  16.43
Packed Size Length x Width x Height MM 255 X 255 X 320  315 X 315 X 370
Product Warranty YEAR 5  5


BIS 10322 Compliant

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